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FAQ About RemoteWork Source, Inc.



Question:  Why should I choose RemoteWork Source over those heavily-advertised sites I see?

Long before telecommuting was even considered  “cool”,  media and other organizations have relied on RemoteWork Source to provide insight into and assistance with telecommuting issues. Since the 1990’s we have worked with other pioneer companies to spread the message about this emerging work style. Over time, we have provided thousands of job seekers a safe and reliable place to find telecommuting work.



20 years later, the remote work trend has begun to take off, giving us the continued privilege of helping our members save time, save money, and create the flexible life they’ve been wanting. (And speaking of advertising….RemoteWork Source doesn’t buy advertising. We don’t have to!)



Question:  What does RemoteWork Source offer that similar-looking services don’t?

For starters, RemoteWork Source gives you only telecommuting job leads. That means no job sharing, part-time, or anything else unless it also includes telecommuting. Further, our job leads don’t include non-professional work such as mystery shopping, craft work, or taking surveys. Finally, we don’t ever include business opportunities– no matter how legitimate those opportunities may be. Telecommuting jobs and ONLY telecommuting jobs are what we offer our members.



Question: Why is there a membership fee?

RemoteWork Source is a specialized service, not a general employee-funded job board. For this reason, all of the jobs and companies brought to you come from constant and intense research, by actual people, not software. We scour thousands of resources, fact check each lead, and work to ensure this information is given to you in a timely,up-to-date manner. RemoteWork Source offers you not only a valuable service, but includes numerous benefits, all at an affordable price.



Question: What if I’m not happy?

Our mission is to delight our members and also make their lives easier and get them results faster. If we fail to meet our goals, contact us for a full refund. All we ask is that you please let us know what we could have done better. Constant member happiness is our ultimate goal.


Do you have a question?

If you have something on your mind that hasn’t been covered here, please ask! I will not only respond, but if it’s a common concern I’ll add it to our FAQs (without your name, of course!), to help others get answers faster. Write me any time.

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